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Help us find a kidney for Brad Knowles

Our beloved team leader, Brad Knowles, was recently added to the kidney transplant list here in Maine. We need your help in getting the word out to find a live donor!! #KidneyForBradK

Brad Knowles is the type of guy you just want as a friend.  The first thing you notice is his sense of humor, the second is his heart. He is passionate… passionate about his love for his family, god, and his community.


A leader in every sense of the word. He is the first one to lend an ear or help in any situation. Whether that’s through charitable endeavors or his wise words of advice. Those that are blessed to know him will be hard pressed to say anything negative about him. He’d give you an arm, a leg, or even the shirt off his back. Now he needs something from us. 


Brad needs an army. He was recently added to the kidney transplant list here in Maine.


Twenty-eight years ago, he was diagnosed with a genetic condition known as polycystic kidney disease (PKD). PKD is a progressive hereditary disease that has no cure, and the only life-saving treatment is a transplant. Without finding a live donor his wait for a kidney could be 4-6 years if one is found at all. 


The man that is always smiling, hides his constant pain and his quality of life is suffering. Even a regular day's work, which his day is anything but, takes its toll.


You may only know the business side of Brad. Outside of running two companies, Keller Williams Realty-Greater Portland and Knowles Development, he’s a husband and father to three wonderful children. His family is very active in their community, church, and 4-H club. They live in Cumberland, just one town over from where he grew up in Falmouth, and in their free time raise both goats and chickens.


Finding him a live donor, sooner rather than later, means we help him continue to be the active father, husband, business leader, and friend we all love and admire.


We are asking for your help in rallying around him in a time of need. If you'd consider being a donor, please scroll down for more information. If you can't donate, would you please help us spread the word? Share our Facebook posts, email us for a flyer you can put up in your business, or send us a message on ideas you may have.

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