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Agent Spotlight - Bailey Pate

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Bailey Pate - Building a Business Worth Owning Before Age 30

In her third year as a Real Estate Agent, Bailey Pate closed over 50 transactions and was one of 50 finalists named for REALTOR© Magazine’s prestigious “30 under 30.” As she began her fourth year, in March of 2020, she hired her first administrative assistant, and a few months later added another agent to her team. At that point, Bailey and her administrator were managing over 20 pending sales, 10 listings, and more leads than one agent could handle. Bailey recognized this as a recipe for growth and brought on her next hire, following the Career Visioning method she had learned earlier that year.


Like most rock stars, Bailey was not an “overnight success.” She applied herself diligently and made mistakes along the way, learning and growing from each lesson. What is her secret? Persistence and determination.

“To the other new real estate agents out there…don’t give up! When I first started, I had people close to me telling me to ‘get a real job’ because I wasn’t making any money. While I’m certain my job is pretty “real” now, it did take a while to get here. What would my life be like if I’d listened to them? Don’t listen to what OTHER people think YOU should do with your life & career. Stay at it and your hard work will pay off. Sky’s the limit!” writes Bailey in a recent Instagram post.

Bailey attributes much of her consistent trajectory toward success to the ongoing coaching and training she receives from KW Maine’s Team Leader Brad Knowles, and to the early mentoring received from the first Rainmaker she worked for as a buyer agent, Steven Chicoine.

A successful agent himself, Steven modeled strong habits of lead follow-up and a sense of urgency in lead capture for Bailey early in her career. Because she started on a team, she gained invaluable exposure to the systems, models and tools used by top teams and recognizes the importance of systems to the growth of her own business.

Since she started coaching with Brad Knowles, she has begun to implement more forms of leverage in her business, namely people. The impact of investing in people, along with tools and systems became clear to her in one of those first sessions, and they continue to grow on that foundation. What she loves most about Brad’s coaching: he breaks it down on a white board and explains clearly what the next steps are to continue to grow.

Whether working on a team or as a solo agent, she has always felt supported and encouraged by other agents and the leadership team at the company. She appreciates that anyone can thrive in this business, regardless of which form their business takes.

“Because everyone is so supportive at KW… there are so many agents I can call and ask for help. Meeting with Brad once a month and talking about the next steps for my business helps me tremendously.”


Bailey’s work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to her goals and her clients are qualities that have launched her career and which will continue to serve her as she takes her place as one of the leaders in Maine Real Estate. As a member and officer of Maine’s Keller Williams Young Professionals (KWYP) chapter, Bailey enjoys being in a group of younger agents who continually share ideas and mastermind to grow their businesses. “I feel like this group is its own family,” she says.

Bailey knows what it takes to serve her clients at a high level - responsiveness and consistent follow-up. She learned about responsibility and what it takes to succeed in a customer-service based business by working in her family’s coffee shop growing up. This early training has followed her into real estate. She puts her clients first and focuses on their needs, and the results follow. She knows she needs to be available to clients and get right back to them when they reach out. She’s able to manage her leads by using a system that organizes her contacts into categories and stages, allowing her to work purposefully every day and every week.

In addition to using the right system and tools and getting into business with the right people, Bailey thrives on plugging in to what Keller Williams offers nationally and globally. She’s a member of multiple referral groups, and has made friends with agents all around the world, meeting them in person at International events across the country.

“It’s inspiring going to Keller Williams Family Reunion Awards Ceremonies, and BOLD and seeing how big some of these teams are, and how successful they are. They motivate me to do better myself.”

What she loves most about KW: “Everyone shares their ideas and secrets and is excited for everybody else’s success.” The networking with other agents in Maine and around the world has been a huge plus for Bailey, leading to referrals as well as educational opportunities


For three years, Bailey’s business has grown as she continues to utilize the tools available to her. She learns a new strategy and implements it demonstrating a commitment to intentional growth. A local leader in social media platforms, @SoldWithBailey is where you can follow her to see how she has mastered marketing for her sellers and for her brand. Bailey gives generously of her time, paying it forward by teaching classes on Social Media Marketing to other agents, and by always being willing to help a new agent by sharing what she has learned. By showing up as a committed and dedicated lifelong learner who never gives up, Bailey has only just begun to map out a future with unlimited potential. “The sky’s the limit”

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Bailey is a extra sweet. Extremely knowledgeable.

What a joy to speak with. Bailey clearly relates well.

Looking forward to a pleasant trek!

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