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Agents Win at KW

Each month on the 21st, many agents and other associates at Keller Williams Realty wake up to a deposit in their bank accounts. The owners of each franchise SHARE about 50% of each month's profits with the people who helped the company grow. In Maine, the system is alive and well and growing every year. March 2021 was a record-breaking March and almost $126,000 of the owners' profits will be shared with the agents on April 21, bringing the first Quarter total to almost a quarter of a million dollars shared.

In 2021, "KW Mainers" have broken records in production, leading to a total combined gross commission income of over $9MIllion earned in the first quarter, up 64% over Q1 of 2020 (pre-pandemic).

If you are looking for a company where agents thrive even in trying times? Look no further than Keller Williams Realty. Agents and their admins have access to ongoing training, coaching and masterminds along with the tools and systems that drive success. If you are looking for a great agent, or want to become a great agent, call KW at 207-879-9800.

Agents at KW are more successful than ever before. Why not work with the best?

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