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Melanie Mauro-Crane is a remarkable young professional whose move to a real estate career is truly inspirational. Tune in here to the All In Real Estate Podcast, a creation of two former KW Maine leaders, to hear more about Melanie's journey.

Melanie Mauro-Crane

Melanie Mauro-Crane, a real estate sales agent, is a rising star on the Lifestyle Properties team at KW Maine. 2020 was Melanie's first full year in Real Estate, and her career took off like a rocket, despite the challenges of a pandemic. Her talents and determination to succeed set Melanie up for success, and by partnering with a supportive team and being learning-based, Melanie exceeded her first year goals. She continues to build a big business, serving dozens of families with the support of her team. All this in less than 2 years in the business.

KW Maine has proven to be a launch pad for other young professionals beginning their careers in Real Estate as well. Whether building a real estate sales business or pursuing a leadership career path, KW is a phenomenal place to ignite a career. Along this line, the All In Real Estate Podcast is the creation of two former KW Maine leaders, David Morse and Joe Quattrucci.

David Morse and Joe Quattrucci

David started his real estate career in a leadership role, as the KW Maine Assistant Team Leader and then transitioned to CEO/Team Leader at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Scottsdale and High Street North Phoenix, one of Arizona's foremost brokerage leaders. He is also co-owner of Atlas Holdings and Realfolio.

Joe began as a buyer agent on a team and quickly grew into a leadership role as director of the Productivity Coaching program at KW Maine before moving to Arizona as Director of Growth for the Kristan Cole Real Estate Network, a top Keller Williams expansion network with agents in multiple states from Alaska to Florida. Joe is also founder of Atlas Holdings, PCX Real Estate Expansion, and the Market Center Strategist at Keller Williams Arizona Realty in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Being in business with growth minded professionals such as Melanie, David and Joe is an honor for KW Maine. Helping real estate professionals build careers worth having so they can live their best lives is something that is fundamental to the KW mission, and developing leaders is a natural result of this mission. With young professionals like Melanie, David and Joe, watching them soar is the icing on the cake. We are grateful to call them KWMainers.

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2021

Excited to share my story and I hope it inspires others in the business!

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