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Leading with Profit - And Sharing it!

Over the summer of 2020, almost a half million dollars was shared with associates affiliated with Keller Williams Realty of Greater Portland, Maine. This brings the total profit shared in Maine since Jan 2010 to almost $8,000,000. During the spring 2020 market, at the beginning of the pandemic, when other real estate companies across the nation were laying off agents and leaders, cutting services to agents and consumers, closing offices and losing money, Keller Williams was doing the opposite -- supporting agents and their clients at a deeper level, pivoting many coaching and educational programs to the new normal, not charging agents for office space, reducing agent fees, adding staff, and protecting profit for the associates who have helped the franchise grow. While others were failing, KW was thriving. KW takes care of its own.

Since each Keller Williams office is independently owned and operated, the profits from the Greater Portland, Maine franchise stay in Maine, with the investor group that brought KW to Maine in 2003. Those investors then SHARE about half of the profits each and every month with the people who've influenced growth by attracting agents to the office. On the 21st of every month, agents, administrators, leaders, business partners and affiliates who have helped the company grow, wake up to a direct deposit of profit share in their bank accounts. They become vested in the program after being with the company for 7 years. If they retire or leave the industry after 7 years, then they remain in the profit share program and may continue to receive the passive income monthly for life, leaving it in their will to an heir as long as their profit share "tree" is active, with at least one active agent in their 7-level tree.

This unique program has not been duplicated in the real estate industry. As profit grows, and as the company grows, each participant has immense opportunity for financial growth through passive income. Because it is based on PROFIT and not revenue, it is sustainable. Since KW is privately held, there are no stock prices to fluctuate, and policy decisions are made by an Associate Leadership Council, not by stockholders or their board of directors. Decisions are made by agents, for agents. Learn more here.

If you know someone who is thinking about getting into the real estate business, let them know that the opportunity for true passive income is at KW. There is no buy-in. Real Estate is local. The profit is local. The decisions are local. KW Maine investors share profits with KW Maine agents and associates. If you are in Maine, and intend to have a successful real estate business, KW is the place to be.

Headquartered in Portland, ME, KW Maine has branch offices in Bangor, Brunswick, Auburn, Saco and Kennebunk. Additionally, several teams have office locations throughout Maine, currently from Harpswell to Scarborough. Whether an agent runs a large team or works as an individual agent, KW empowers and coaches him/her to run a successful residential, commercial or luxury real estate business. Independent agencies are finding that merging their business with KW allows them to keep their brand identity while doing business under the KW umbrella. They benefit from the technology, systems and coaching, and affiliation allows them to reap the benefits of the profit share system for the owners and their agents and administrators. For a confidential conversation about what KW can do for your business, please send us a message.

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