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Women of KW Maine

Every day is International Women's Day at Keller Williams Realty Maine. It was a small group of visionary women who brought the KW franchise to Maine and who remain active in the 80% female investor group to this day. Pair that with a leadership team that is 90% female, and it's obvious that the glass ceiling has been broken over and over at KW Maine.

As agents, administrators, and leaders, women and men are empowered to grow in their careers at Keller Williams, frequently moving on to career opportunities within KW in other states and in other countries - a benefit of being part of a global organization while remaining locally-owned and operated.

At KW, daily conversations center around a growth mindset: if you can dream it, you can achieve it. As an organization founded on training and coaching, leadership at every level is available and accessible to assist associates on their growth journey. One of KW Maine's missions is helping associates to dispel their limiting beliefs so that they can live their best lives. A favorite saying, "The purpose of business is to fund a perfect life" holds true for all, regardless of gender, so gaining clarity on what that perfect life looks like is top of mind at KW Maine.

Women at KW Maine regularly top the sales ranks for Individual agents, lead strong successful teams, chair committees, serve on the Associate Leadership Council, coach and train agents and administrators, and lead multiple community service and outreach projects across the state in their own communities throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

Whether male or female, all associates and partners are integral parts of KW, and the leaders are proud to be in business with each and every one of them.

The KW Maine 2021 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is working to make sure each and every member of the community is seen, heard and valued, today and always. To learn more about KW Maine via a private conversation, please email us.

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