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Meet Our Leaders

The cogs that make the well-oiled machine work.

Modern Conference Room
Cathy Manchester 

Operating Principal and Designated Broker

207-653-0601 (m)

image (10).png
Wendy Scammon

Market Center Administrator

207-553-2617 (o)

New Headshot.jpg
Kris Triglione

Assistant Designated Broker & Productivity Coaching 

207-595-2532 (m)

Whitney Headshot.jpg
Whitney Wright

Agent Services

(207) 558-2717 (m)

Brad Knowles 2.2.jpg
Brad Knowles

Team Leader 

207-808-9177 (m)

Elston, Alex (1).jpg
Alex Elston

Assistant MCA

207-553-2696 (o)

Cat duffy 2021.jpg
Cat Duffy

Agent Services 

207-553-1319 (o)

Sally M. Behrendt

Director of First Impressions

Office: 207-879-9800

Crane, Melanie (2).jpeg
Melanie Crane

Assistant Team Leader 

207-650-4218 (m)
207-888-9154 (o)


Marnie Coleman

Director of Operations & Agent Services

207-754-5601 (m)

Sandra Tassinari Web Photo 2014.jpg
Sandra Tassinari

Assistant MCA


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